Founder Friendly Capital since 1980.

Founder Friendly Capital since 1980.

Founder Friendly Capital since 1980.

(Re)inventing Venture Debt

Our firm pioneered the concept of venture debt in 1980 to fill a glaring capital need in the market. We understand and embrace the inherent risks associated with lending to early- and mid-stage technology businesses. Thirty five years later, our goal remains unchanged, to help visionary entrepreneurs transform their businesses, realize their full potential, and hopefully change the world.

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getscripted | November 21, 2017

RT @randfish: Despite 80%+ of both Rs & Ds supporting it, we lost this fight. My prediction: within a few years, ma…

getscripted | November 21, 2017

RT @RedTRaccoon: If you don't fight for #NetNeutrality now, here are the questions you will ask later...Why is my internet so slow?Why…

Demandbase | November 21, 2017

According to DMA, email has an average ROI of $38. Growing your email lists should be a priority and these 6 growth…

VentureBeat | November 21, 2017

RT @ahhensel: How state and city leaders in the Midwest can prepare today for a smart city future @ChelseaMcC

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Vidyo | November 21, 2017

RT @PC_360: How video-enabled services are transforming the insurance industry

getscripted | November 21, 2017

Every #SMB, every #contentmarketer, every #SEO should be fighting to save #NetNeutrality. Allowing ISPs to control…

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